We DIGG(S) Into What We Got Right, What We Got Wrong


“Last week was our first edition of Top Shelf Starts and my my my did we set the bar high. Sadly, that only means this week will be the exact opposite. It will be full of let downs and F bombs on Sunday and I can only apologize to you right now.”

Dammit to hell. Well, at least I got that right.  Not only were essentially all of my calls incorrect, not only did my Play of the Day lose, I also went 0-5 in my fantasy matchups. Ha. An 0 fer. Unbelievable. And truthfully, none of those five matchups were even close.

Enough venting about me. This week in the NFL was brutal. The amount of injuries that occurred were outrageous. It seemed like every time I turned my head, someone was being helped off of the field. A bad, bad, bad week all around.

We’re gonna prepare better this week and take the motto of the New England Patriots and DO OUR JOB! Like Bill Belichick says in his low, monotone voice, “We’re on to week 3”.

What I got wrong:
Everything. Next.

In all seriousness..

Saints vs Giants- Good grief. What an ugly, ugly game this turned out to be. In a dream matchup that had fantasy owners drooling, this game sadly produced one offensive touchdown. But, I guess my Rashad Jennings call was right…

Sam Bradford (NR)- In my defense, he wasn’t announced as the starter when I published my rankings. I haven’t hid my distaste for him, so he probably would have been ranked in the 20s anyway. That still would have been wrong. Bradford looked good in his first game in purple. I’m still not a fan long term, but I’ll give credit where credit it due.

Adrian Peterson (RB2)- Injury aside, this has been a horrific first two games for the reigning rushing champ. I haven’t quite figured out what the hell is going on, but it isn’t good. Maybe him missing some time isn’t the worst thing in the world. I’m still buying assuming his season isn’t over.

Todd Gurley (RB7)- I had Gurley ranked inside the top ten, so 70 yards just isn’t going to cut it. He did look better this week than he did last week. Matchups only get easier from here on out.

Dez Bryant (WR21)- For fantasy purposes, he actually finished lower than I ranked him, however I’m gonna take an L here since he finally looked like Dez again. I’m not a fan of Dak Prescott and figured he’d kill Dez Bryant’s value. That wasn’t the case this week. No one is going to complain about 102 receiving yards.

Stefon Diggs (WR37)- Dear Stefon, I’d like to apologize to you in the form of this article that no one will read. I have been a huge fan since you were tearing up the ACC (and technically the Big 10) at Maryland. Your dynamic play making ability has always caught my eye. I even chose you as a dark horse to win the Heisman in 2014. I’m sorry I didn’t believe in you this week. Please forgive me.

Vance McDonald (NR)- For the person who called me out for not having McDonald ranked, this is for you. You know who you are. I was right on this call, except one play. Unfortunately, that one play was a 75-yard touchdown. So cheers to you, my friend. I hope you at least started him.

What I got right:
Devonta Freeman (RB10)- OK, so Freeman didn’t finish in the top ten. Hell, he got outscored by Tevin Coleman again. However, he looked good. If you started Freeman, you’re not mad about 17 rushes for 93 yards. I ranked him a tad too high, but he was still a good start and with the awful week I had, I’m giving myself a win here!

Larry Fitzgerald (WR11)- Fitz is a certified G and a bonafide stud. Stop overlooking him in this high powered offense. He’s going to get his.

Carolina Panthers- To the person that keeps picking me up by reminding me that the Panthers were my survivor pick this week, thank you!