Top Shelf Starts: Week 2

Last week was our first edition of Top Shelf Starts and my my my did we set the bar high. Sadly, that only means this week will be the exact opposite. It will be full of let downs and F bombs on Sunday and I can only apologize to you right now. So, on behalf of me trying to help you, I’ll take a knee, or… to avoid any conflict, maybe I’ll just stand, crack open this beer and chug it and by golly hope for the best! Good luck!

Top Shelf Starts
Todd Gurley vs SEA (RB7)- News flash: The Rams are terrible. Unfortunately, if that is, or was, news to you this past Monday – shame on you. When you drafted Gurley, you knew you drafted a running back on an awful team. Don’t panic. Start him. Confidently. He’s an incredible talent, and truthfully, they can’t possibly be worse than they were on Monday night. In his lone start against Seattle last season, Gurley toted the rock 19 times for 83 yards and a score. That game was also in Seattle. He’s going to be fine.

Devonta Freeman at OAK (RB10)- As our own Joey Hines wrote this week, it might be time to panic on Freeman. Freeman essentially split playing time and touches with Tevin Coleman. Not only that, Coleman just simply outplayed him. However, I can’t jump ship quite yet. Admittedly, coming into this season I wasn’t buying Freeman repeating his success from a year ago, but I thought he was going to be a solid RB2. I expect Freeman to get back on track this week with a score.

Larry Fitzgerald vs TB (WR11)- I’m not sure how a receiver with 109 receptions, 1,215 yards and 9 touchdowns can be overlooked, but he is! The Cardinals have a plethora of receivers, but don’t get it twisted. Fitz runs the show. It was cute when people thought that Michael Floyd and/or John Brown were going to take over. That’s just simply not the case. Fitz is a high end WR1/low end WR2. The Bucs just gave up 334 passing yards to the Falcons and I could see that number being a tad higher this week.

Players in the Well
Kirk Cousins vs DAL (QB16)- Cousins looked bad on Monday night. No, Kirk, no one liked that. It’s not exactly the way people expected him to start the new campaign after what seemed to be a promising first year as a starter. Cousins was held under 220 passing yards in each of the two meetings against the Cowboys. He did, however, have four touchdowns and no picks. That’s fine, just not the sure fire starter people expect.

Rashad Jennings vs NO (RB23)- This is a good matchup for Jennings and I expect him to have some success running the ball. I have him ranked so low mainly because I don’t think he gets into the endzone. This will be the Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. show.

Dez Bryant at WAS (WR21)- Sigh. Dez is one of my three favorite players in the league, if not my favorite (sorry Derek Carr and Lamar Miller). So this hurts me. Dak Prescott is going to kill Dez Bryant’s value. I’m not going to say Prescott absolutely can’t stretch the field, but he definitely hasn’t shown that he can consistently. And truthfully, the Cowboys probably don’t need him to. Unfortunately, that hurts Dez. Not to mention, Dez is locked up with Josh Norman this week. Will Norman shadow Dez after what happened last week, though?