Top Shelf Starts: Week 1


This will be my version of a weekly “start em, sit em” column. With the name of the site being “Top Shelf Sports”, plus the fact that I’m turning into an alcoholic and my life is spiraling downward faster than Chip Kelly’s coaching career, I figured I add my own little twist to this column.

We all know that top shelf liquor is the premium liquor. Well, my “Top Shelf Starts” are going to be just that. Players I like more than most that need to be in your lineup. Now, I’m not going to include the obvious names in the section. I’m never going to tell you to start Antonio Brown, because, well duh. You don’t need this amateur site to tell you to do that.

What we also know is that we never want to drink the liquor in the well. Spend the extra two dollars you cheap ass and sip on something worth a damn. So, we’re going to refer to our sits of the week as “Players in the Well”. Like with the Top Shelf Starts, I’m not going to tell you to sit a third string running back or anything like that.

Cheers to edition number one of Top Shelf Starts!

Top Shelf Starts
Derek Carr at NO (QB3)- I absolutely love the player and love the matchup. Even on the road, Carr is going to have a monster day against this horrific defense.

Spencer Ware vs SD (RB11)- Ware is one of the guys I targeted in all my drafts this season, whether I owed Jamaal Charles or not. Last year, he proved that he was much more than just a full back. I love the way this guys totes the rock and he’s in for a huge workload today.

Doug Baldwin (WR11)- As I stated yesterday in my NFC predictions, I’m fully on board with Seattle becoming a pass first team. The touchdown streak Baldwin went on to end last season was ridiculous and I expect that to continue today.

Players in the Well
Christine Michael (RB28)- I really like Michael, but, I’ve been sucked in one too many times. Thomas Rawls isn’t on the injury report and quite frankly I just have no idea how this plays out. I’d like to wait a week and see for myself how these touches are going to be distributed before I’m playing Michael, or Rawls for that matter.

Martellus Bennett (TE18)- When I did my rankings, Rob Gronkowski wasn’t ruled out. So, in fairness, I’d have Bennett higher than he’s currently listed. However, I most certianly do not have him as a top five option like most do. Backup QB and playing against the team that, in my opinion, the best in the NFL.. Pass.


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