Previewing the National League


Yesterday we hopped into our American League predicitons. Today, Opening Day, we hop into the National League!

NL East
Eric Evans- Washington Nationals
Steven Rowland- Washington Nationals
Mike Roza- Washington Nationals

NL Central
Eric Evans- Chicago Cubs
Steven Rowland- Chicago Cubs
Mike Roza- Chicago Cubs

NL West
Eric Evans- Los Angeles Dodgers
Steven Rowland- Los Angeles Dodgers
Mike Roza- Los Angeles Dodgers

OK. So that wasn’t the most exciting of predictions…

Wild Card Teams
Eric Evans- San Francisco Giants & St. Louis Cardinals
Steven Rowland- San Francisco Giants & New York Mets
Mike Roza- San Francisco Giants & New York Mets

Most Valuable Player
Eric Evans- Anthony Rizzo, Cubs
Steven Rowland- Bryce Harper, Nationals
Mike Roza- Bryce Harper, Nationals

Cy Young
Eric Evans- Madison Bumgarner, Giants
Steven Rowland- Madison Bumgarner, Giants
Mike Roza- Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers

Rookie of the Year
Eric Evans- Hunter Renfroe, Padres
Steven Rowland- Josh Bell, Pirates
Mike Roza- Dansby Swanson, Braves

National League Champion
Eric Evans- Los Angeles Dodgers
Steven Rowland- San Francisco Giants
Mike Roza- Los Angeles Dodgers

World Series Champion
Eric Evans- Cleveland Indians
Steven Rowland- Houston Astors
Mike Roza- Los Angeles Dodgers