Play of the Day

This weeks play of the day was a little bit difficult, with college there is always a huge slate to chose from and it’s hard to filter it down to just one game. Add in the the fact that the casinos have updated their mobile betting software at a clear disadvantage to the bettor (lines are no longer on full display you have to pick a game to see the line) that makes it even harder.

With that said, I’m going to go out on a limb here and take Stanford laying 3.5 against the Rosen one at UCLA. I guess it’s not really out on a limb when your taking the #7 team in the country with arguably the best player in the nation, and definitely in the Pac-12. Mix in the fact that the Pac-12 North is clearly the superior division it should be a cake walk, yet the line is at 3.5 (some may get it at 3).

In my opinion, there are two main factors why the line is so low. 1. Stanford is heavily dependent on McCaffrey being able to produce. Ryan Burns has been accurate but he’s only thrown the ball 33 times in three games. Wilton Speight for Michigan threw the ball 30 times in our last POD, so let that sink in. 2. Josh Rosen is a top NFL talent and has the potential to have it all come together at anytime.

Whatever the reason is that the line is at 3.5 I still think it’s too low. UCLA let McCaffrey set school records last year and McCaffrey is looking to continue his recent success at the Rose Bowl (368 all-purpose yards against Iowa).

For those that just want the play

Stanford -3.5 @ UCLA