Play of the Day

For my first play of the day of the football season I am going with a play that can get me a lot of grief, but that I feel is a sure play: Michigan vs Colorado Over 56. I know I’m a Michigan fan and people are going to say that influenced this pick, but even if I wasn’t a Michigan fan the line of 56 should be influencing you. It’s no secret the Buffalos aren’t the class of the Pac-12 and there defense alone isn’t better. Michigan alone should put up at least 50, but even if they don’t Colorado runs that type of spread offense that can, as much as I’d rather not say it, put a couple scores on the board against Michigan. Michigan will score a lot at home as they continue to rack up the statement wins they need to make an impression on the playoff selection committee. It’s just up to Colorado to comfortably push this one over.

Michigan vs Colorado Over 56 -110