Play of the Day

Today were a little late on posting the play of the day, but today’s game isn’t until 10pm EST, so you have plenty of time to place your bet. If you lost money early look at this as a chance to get that money back. Today I’m going to stay in the Pac-12 and go with Washington State 0ver 64 @ Arizona State. I kind of touched on how suspect Arizona States defense is last week and they allowed Colorado to put up 40. Now they face a Washington State team who is averaging 41 points per game. Washington State’s defense isn’t great either averaging 25 points per game and against some, in hindsight, suspect offenses. With the game being at Arizona State the weather shouldn’t be an issue either I see this one going to the moon 🚀🌚

For those who just want the play
Washington State 0ver 64 at Arizona State