Answering the Tough Questions in the NBA


By Steven Rowland

Well it’s that time of year again! The NBA is back!! Thank goodness, because let’s face it, no one really cares that the Cubs are in the World Series, and we all know the Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl. I’m not going to give you a typical “NBA 2016-2017 Preview,” one, because….

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“Love to Hate” Starting-5


Sure, everyone has a favorite player. Whether it’s the best player on your hometown team, or the superstar on your fantasy team. On the contrary, most of us have a certain player or players (myself included) that we just CANNOT stand. Well, if you’re an NBA fan, I’m confident that we have something in common.  Here is our most hated list.

Point Guard, Jeremy Lin– No-brainer here. The term “Linsanity” says it all. Teams don’t care for him, & basketball fans just flat out dislike him. I’m not sure if I even hate him, or just hate his stupid haircut.

Shooting Guard, Kobe Bryant– The mamba is getting a pass during his farewell tour this season, but lets not kid our selves. Through Kobe Bryant’s HOF career, he’s been one of the most hated players in NBA history. Blame the legal issues; blame him for being a selfish teammate. Either way. Kobe Bryant is loved by many, but hated by more, making him an All-star starter on our “Love To Hate” list.

Small Forward, LeBron James– Where do I start? The Decision? No too easy. LeBron James may be one of the most hated athletes in sports history. Lets face it, LeBron is disliked because he good. King James is hated because he is arguably the best ever. Moving on.

Power Forward, Kris Humphries– HA! This is slam dunk. No pun intended! Lets just say Humphries isn’t hated for the same reasons as LBJ. Anyway, this article took longer to write than Kris & Kim’s marriage lasted. Ouch!

Center, Dwight Howard– Once upon a time, Dwight Howard was taking his Orlando Magic to the NBA Finals, & was an NBA fan-favorite. Boy how times have changed. He will be looking for his 4th team after this season, & honestly I’m not sure anyone wants to play with him. As a Magic fan, I don’t feel sorry for Superman.

C0-Sixth Man Award: Kendrick Perkins & Joakim Noah