Ahhhh, Freak Out!

Week 1 just ended and we finally got to see what our draft picks had to show. For some of us we got a jolt back to reality. The star player we drafted didn’t produce the way we expected them too. And just like Chic, now is when we FREAK OUT! Some of us will pick up the hottest name off the waiver wire, others of us try and sell and hope to get some value back. Before you go into sell mode take a look at these situations and see if you should panic or not…

Todd Gurley RB St. Louis Rams – 17 car 47 yds 2.8 ypa – The Rams offense really struggled on Monday night against the 49ers. With no QB play, Gurley is going to continue to see defenses like he saw against the 49ers. Whether a switch to Goff open ups the running lanes will decide this situation.

Don’t Panic – A switch to Goff could improve the situation, but if not at least Gurley is young and the feature back.

Gary Barnidge TE Cleveland Browns 2 Tar 0 rec – Considering Barnidge is on the Browns it’s not a surprise he’s on this list. Now that RG3 has gotten injured once again you automatically look at it as a panic situation, but in reality it might not be. Josh McCown and Barnidge are comfortable with each other and that should translate into an uptick in targets for Barnidge

Don’t Panic – This QB switch should actually improve Barnidge’s value.

Devonte Freeman RB Atlanta Falcons – 11 car 20 yds 1.8 ypa 4 rec 20 yds – Devonte Freeman could not get going against the Bucs at all. In reality, the running game as a whole couldn’t gain ground against the Bucs defense. Tevin Coleman showed his explosiveness with a 47 yard reception and the Falcons didn’t draft him to stay on the bench. As you can see, they split overall touches.

Panic – This one you might want to start to panic. Neither running back got it going in the run game, but Coleman got going in the receiving game, which could lead to more touches going his way.

Adrian Peterson RB Minnesota Vikings 19 car 31 yds 1.6 ypa – AP got off to a horrific start against a middle of the pack defense in the Tennessee Titans. He is facing the same QB issues that Gurley is facing and the fact that he is 31 doesn’t weigh in is favor. Could this be the year that AP starts to fade away?

Don’t Panic – This is AP we are talking about. He’s going to get ALL the carries and it’s not like he’s really had superior QB play his whole carrier anyways. Even if he does start to fade away, I’d rather take the risk leaving him on my team.

Sammy Watkins WR Buffalo Bills 6 tar 4 rec 43 yds – This might be a little late considering the news about his foot, but there was always the possibility that Watkins was going to be a bust because he depended on the faith that Tyrod Taylor wouldn’t regress.

Panic – Sammy could end up missing no time with the injury and come back strong, but is it really even worth the worry anymore?


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