The End of an Era


LOL. Just kidding.

I thought someone was playing a prank on me this morning. I have a fantasy football draft today. It’s the first Saturday of the college football season. Today was just meant to be a good day for me.

Just got my coffee and newspaper from Starbucks. Walk into my home and then I unexpectedly get a message saying that Bradford was traded to the Vikings. Ha. My reply? “Stop.” I just don’t need these kinds of negative vibes on what’s supposed to be a great day. Then I receive another message, “No, I’m serious.” My reply? “Stop.”

Naturally, I do what any logical human being would do in 2016. I check Twitter and look to see what Schefter is tweeting about. And sure as shit, the Eagles traded Sam Bradford to the Vikings for a 2017 first-round pick and a 2018 fourth-round pick. LOL!

From a football perspective, this is obviously tremendous value for the Eagles. A first for a guy that’s, at best, a mediocre quarterback? Sold. However, in steps Chase Daniel who was just awful in the preseason. If you were like me and thought the Eagles were going to be bad this season with Bradford, well, they’re going to be worse now. And to top it off, they don’t even own their first next season.

For the Vikings, when you’re desperate, you’re desperate. I mean, I guess I understand why they made the trade. I just don’t necessarily agree with it. Sam Bradford, with no time to learn what’s likely an entire new offense, probably isn’t leading you to a deep playoff run. And the slim possibility that the team, outside of quarterback, is good enough to get there in spite of who the quarterback is, is that worst a first? If you feel that confidently in the team, just roll with Shaun Hill, no?

The biggest winners of this trade: Cleveland Browns. The Browns own the Eagles 2017 first-round picks, which I’d imagine will be in the top ten.

Well, Sammy, you got what you wanted months ago. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!


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