Sam Bradford: A Prototypical Leader..


Quarterback. Heisman trophy winner. Number one overall pick in the NFL draft. No off-field concerns.

What more could you ask for!?

Enter eye roll emoji here.

I am absolutely fed up with this crap. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, the Philadelphia Eagles re-signed Sam Bradford to a two year, $35 million dollar contract with $22 million guaranteed. Here are a few quotes from Bradford’s press conference after he signed his contract (from

On staying: “I told you guys late last year I wanted to be back here. Now, I don’t have to worry about it. This is where I wanted to be.”

On just a 2-year deal: “Every year is a new year, you always have to prove yourself. It wouldn’t matter if its two year, five years, 10 years.”

A few weeks later, they proceeded to sign career backup Chase Daniel, who essentially followed Doug Pederson from Kansas City to Philadelphia as predicted by many.

Even after the Daniel signing, the Eagles assured that Bradford was their starter.

A few weeks after the Eagles signed Daniel, they acquired the 2nd overall pick in the NFL draft and took quarterback Carson Wentz. During the draft process, Sam Bradford reportedly would not answer his phone or return calls from head coach Doug Pederson. Yes, just like your high school ex-girlfriends.

The Eagles, after all of this, still have said there is no QB competition and that Sam Bradford will be the starting quarterback.

The man has been named the starter on numerous occasions. He’s getting paid to be the man. He specifically stated that you need to prove yourself every year and the length of the contract was not an issue. A contract that he willingly signed. And now, after ignoring phone calls, skipping voluntary workouts, Sam Bradford is considering retiring.

Everything you want out of your franchise quarterback! The man is throwing a hissy fit that not even my five-year-old daughter could match. What this is telling me is that Bradford is absolutely petrified that Wentz and/or Daniel is going to simply outplay him.

I mean, it’s so simple if you’re Bradford. You’re getting paid a lot of money this season. You’ve been named the starter. Shut the hell up. Go to work. If you think you’re good, which I do not but that’s another topic, go ball out this season and make the Eagles make the tough decision. I can assure you that if Bradford led the Eagles to an NFC East division title and possibly wins a playoff game or two, he will be the starter in 2017. They will sit Wentz in year two or he’ll earn himself a hell of a lot of money that some other team will pay him. The ball is in his court.¬†Instead, he’s taking the approach of a jealous 14-year-old girl that isn’t the prettiest girl in class anymore.

The sense of entitlement that he thinks he deserves is laughable. I mean, good lord. The Eagles make a move that they believe is in the best interest of the franchise, now Bradford is thinking about retiring! I can’t get over it.

Anyway, I honestly have no idea what the end result is going to be. I thought he would be traded during the draft, but obviously that did not happen. As mediocre as I think Bradford is, I think he should be the starter come week one if he’s on the roster. However, with the shenanigans that he’s pulled in the past few weeks, I have no idea why anyone in Philly would want this guy on the roster.


4 thoughts on “Sam Bradford: A Prototypical Leader..

  1. Wentz needs to go the A Rod route. This is the lost art of QB grooming. Eagles essentially had no risk in signing Bradford or draftin Wentz. Play Bradford until he retires or sux and groom his replacement. This is the BEST possible situation for Bradford.


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