Eagles Trade Up; Get Their Guy

Carson Wentz

The alleged smoke screen of the Philadelphia Eagles acquiring the number two overall has come to fruition. Wednesday afternoon the Eagles and Browns reached an agreement which would give the Eagles the second pick in the draft. The trade is as follows:

Philadelphia Eagles receive:
2016 1st round pick (2 overall)
2017 4th round pick

Cleveland Browns receive:
2016 1st round pick (8 overall)
2016 3rd round pick (77 overall)
2016 4th round pick (100 overall)
2017 1st round pick
2018 2nd round pick

I’ll start with the Browns side of the trade. Simply, they got another haul after trading down. Hopefully, for them, they don’t screw this up. They have plenty of holes to fill and now have 12 picks in this years draft to attempt to fill them. I’m pretty much alone on an island as I believe Robert Griffin III can be a productive quarterback in the league. I’d like to see the Brown gives him a weapon at 1.08 and draft whichever wide receiver they have ranked highest. Whether it be Laquon Treadwell, Corey Coleman or Josh Docton, it doesn’t really matter. They just need a playmaker. I’m pretty much done with Josh Gordon. If he ever plays again, great. But I refuse to rely on a guy like that anymore. And if they decided to cut him and move on, I cannot blame them one bit. So with the loses of Gordon and Travis Benjamin, wide receiver is a huge need. I’d use this entire draft to fill the holes on the roster, and use both first round picks next year to attempt to get their quarterback if the RGIII experiment doesn’t work.

As for the Eagles, it’s interesting that they would pull the trigger on this trade now, not knowing who exactly the Rams are taking at one. It’s assumed that the Rams are leaning towards Jared Goff, but no one truly knows which QB they plan on taking. Either the Eagles are fine with Goff or Carson Wentz, or they got word from the Rams that they are in fact taking Goff. I’m going to assume the latter and that the Eagles know that Wentz will be available at two.

It’s also interesting that the Eagles would make this trade after signing two quarterbacks to the roster this off-season to, let’s just say not very cheap money. I’m no cap or contract expert by any means, but, Sam Bradford did not get “backup” money and Chase Daniel damn sure did not receive third string money.

I am on record as not being a Bradford supporter. I firmly believe that he’s not capable of leading a team deep into the playoffs. If the Eagles believe that Wentz can do that, which they damn sure better believe after this trade, then I’m fully on board with them going out to get their guy. Wentz, to me, has the athleticism of Andrew Luck and the arm of Derek Carr. That’s a pretty good combination and gives him a very high ceiling. However, he’s making a huge jump in competition. He’s never faced any adversity and has rarely had to make any NFL type throws. That makes a combination for a very low floor.

Yes, the Eagles paid a premium to move up to two. But that’s what a potential premium quarterback cost. Whether the move works out or not, I applaud the Eagles for not accepting mediocrity by letting Sam Bradford be their future QB.


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