Staff Predictions: National League

Yesterday, we posted our staff predictions for the American League. Today, we’re posting our National League Predictions as well as our World Series predictions. Again, give us your feedback on Twitter @_TopShelfSports and let us know what you agree or disagree with!

NL East
Eric Evans: Washington Nationals
Joey Hines: Washington Nationals
Kevin Maloney: New York Mets
Steven Rowland: New York Mets

NL Central
Eric Evans: St. Louis Cardinals
Joey Hines: Pittsburgh Pirates
Kevin Maloney: Pittsburgh Pirates
Steven Rowland: St. Louis Cardinals 


*The biggest shocker of them all. No one has the World Series favorite Chicago Cubs winning their division, and Joey Hines has them missing the playoffs completely.

NL West
Eric Evans: San Francisco Giants
Joey Hines: San Francisco Giants
Kevin Maloney: San Francisco Giants
Steven Rowland: San Francisco Giants

Eric Evans: Chicago Cubs & New York Mets
Joey Hines: Arizona Diamondbacks & New York Mets
Kevin Maloney: Chicago Cubs & Washington Nationals
Steven Rowland: Chicago Cubs & Washington Nationals

*Another shocker. Everyone has the Los Angeles Dodgers missing the playoffs.

Word Series Prediction
Eric Evans: Washington Nationals over Texas Rangers
Joey Hines: San Francisco Giants over Houston Astros
Kevin Maloney: San Francisco Giants over Houston Astros
Steven Rowland: New York Mets over Toronto Blue Jays


Eric Evans: Buster Posey
Joey Hines: Buster Posey
Kevin Maloney:  Paul Goldschmidt
Steven Rowland: Bryce Harper

NL CY Young
Eric Evans: Noah Syndergaard
Joey Hines: Gerrit Cole
Kevin Maloney: Clayton Kershaw
Steven Rowland: Madison Bumgarner

NL Rookie of the Year
Eric Evans: Lucas Giolito
Joey Hines: Trevor Story
Kevin Maloney: Corey Seager
Steven Rowland: Corey Seager


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