Staff Predictions: American League

The MLB season is just days away. Thank goodness. The wait is finally coming to an end. As Spring Training is wrapping up, so are our predictions. I tried not to back away from any of my bold predictions from earlier, but, I have grown to absolutely love this Rangers team and have switched my American League champion from the Tigers to the Rangers. Give us your feedback on Twitter @_TopShelfSports and let us know what you agree or disagree with!

AL East
Eric Evans: Tampa Bay Rays
Joey Hines: Toronto Blue Jays
Kevin Maloney: Boston Red Sox
Steven Rowland: Toronto Blue Jays


AL Central
Eric Evans: Cleveland Indians
Joey Hines: Kansas City Royals
Kevin Maloney: Cleveland Indians
Steven Rowland: Cleveland Indians

AL West
Eric Evans: Texas Rangers
Joey Hines: Houston Astros
Kevin Maloney: Houston Astros
Steven Rowland: Houston Astros

Eric Evans: Houston Astros & Detroit Tigers
Joey Hines: Cleveland Indians & Boston Red Sox
Kevin Maloney: Tampa Bay Rays & Toronto Blue Jays
Steven Rowland: Tampa Bay Rays & Kansas City Royals

American League Champion
Eric Evans: Texas Rangers
Joey Hines: Houston Astros
Kevin Maloney: Houston Astros
Steven Rowland: Toronto Blue Jays


Eric Evans: Carlos Correa
Joey Hines: Jose Altuve
Kevin Maloney: Carlos Correa
Steven Rowland: Carlos Correa

*Guess this wasn’t as bold as I thought.

AL CY Young
Eric Evans: Carlos Carrasco
Joey Hines: Chris Sale
Kevin Maloney: David Price
Steven Rowland: Chris Archer

AL Rookie of the Year
Eric Evans: A.J. Reed
Joey Hines: Byron Buxton
Kevin Maloney: Blake Snell
Steven Rowland: Byron Buxton


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