Leave Johnny Alone


On any given night in Las Vegas thousands of young males and females can be seen lined up outside their favorite club. Waiting for a chance to get inside and have the time of their lives. To see their favorite DJs, to dance with loved ones and even people they will only connect with for this one night. A chance, even if for only a few hours, to have all their problems slip away and become an after thought. An after thought, that is, unless your name is Johnny Manziel.

See if your name is Johnny Manziel you can’t actually enter this club, or at least not as Johnny Manziel. No, he has to walk past Rob Gronkowski in a wig and some shades with a fake mustache. Shamed into some sort of shady addict that can only enjoy himself if he isn’t really being himself.

Johnny is an addict though, right? He went into rehab for a reason, right? Well, the reports of why he went into rehab have never been clear, but in my opinion, I believe he did it to please his team and the NFL media.

Let’s look at the facts. He’s 23 today and was 22 when he went into rehab. You’ve never really seen a report of him drinking and driving, being belligerently drunk out in public or having to go to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. You have heard about him drinking at the Peyton Manning camp in college (though underage) and you’ve seen stories of him at night clubs with bottles in his hands. Hmm night club, drinking, college, early 20s.. Sound familiar?

Of course it does because almost every single person reading this article has done the same thing, and possibly even some of the things that Johnny hasn’t been reported as doing. Hell a 50 year old lady at my job showed up drunk at work the day after her birthday because she wanted a Bloody Mary brunch before work. Guess we all need a little rehab.

Of course we aren’t supposed to be the starting QB of a NFL franchise and struggling so badly at it that we may not even be rostered on any team just two short years after being drafted #22 overall. Let’s be honest, though. He was destined to fail.

In college Johnny was a superstar. So much so that his University couldn’t sell jerseys with “Football” on the back because everyone knew they were trying to make money on his Johnny Football moniker. He was such a superstar that if colleges could pay their players, he would’ve signed a 2 year extension worth more yearly then Brady just restructured for. That’s how much the Texas A&M faithful and college football coveted him.

The NFL though, not so much. From the start of the draft process it was all down hill for his NFL career, too short, can’t pass in the pocket, dual-threat QB (which is a coffin nail to the NFL media) menace, immature… And the list goes on. Then to punctuate this list he fell to the Browns at #22 (Hi Brady Quinn).

You see it doesn’t matter who you are. If you play QB for the Browns you’re probably going to suck. And if you’re a rookie you can extrapolate that by ten. And if you’re supposed to be a rookie phenom well add another ten to the previous statement. The last QB to actually kill it in a Browns uniform did it just long enough to ruin people’s fantasy teams the next year (Hi Derek Anderson).

You can also add in the fact that he never even really got a fair shot. Mike Pettine never really wanted Johnny. That’s why Bryan Hoyer won the starting position in 2014 and even with the team continuing to be bad the signed Josh McCown to start in 2015.

Let’s be honest, though. Johnny never wanted Cleveland either. And throughout his short career it’s been rumored that he purposely behaved the way he has just so he could get out of Cleveland.

I think that’s ludicrous. Johnny’s just behaving how most young men in their early 20s behave. The only difference is that his experiences are brought under a completely different light because he’s supposed to be a NFL QB and is failing horribly at it.

The next act in his career began yesterday, though. With his release from the Browns everybody has gotten what they want. Now he just has to prove to someone that he is worth signing…


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