Life Goes On

I am sure most of the mixed martial arts world is still in shock with both upsets last night: Miesha Tate choked Holly Holm unconscious and Nate Diaz broke Conor Mcgregor’s grandiose attitude. If you read my post yesterday, you saw me predict Nate to win. I also predicted Miesha to pull off the upset as well but I didn’t post about it, only talked with my friends. From now on, I will give 4 fight picks for every fight and break them down as to why I think they will win. As far as life goes on let’s take a look and break that down.

I was very pleased with how humble Conor was in defeat last night. He understands what this game means and he knows that he’s still the Champion of another division. He’s made a ton of money and will continue to make more as he is only 27 and is just getting into his prime. I do think he needs to stay at 145 and if he does decide to jump he needs to stop at 155 and I think most would agree seeing how he gassed last night. I’m interested to see if Conor fights at UFC 200 and who the opponent will be. I just don’t see any other fight besides Frankie Edgar because let’s be honest, I’m not interested in Jose Aldo getting hurt again. So  Conor…the loss is going to be rough on you but life will go on.

Holly, Holly, Holly…

She knew what to stay away from and she did for most of the fight: Miesha’s wrestling! And boy was it good! To be quite honest, Holly was on her way to winning a UD until she was taken down in the 5th and was finished but again she has everything in front of her. She knows the mistakes she made and one thing I can guarantee, is Greg Jackson will fix it. Holly shocked the world when she absolutely steam rolled Rhonda Rousey and even though she lost to Miesha last night, she will will make her way back to a title shot. She has the best striking in Womens MMA by far and with the help of one of the best camps in the world, life will go on.

I will continue to write posts on different topics and like I said, I will give my picks for the fights so be sure and check back. I am going say my record is 2-0 since starting this blog so we will continue to keep track of that as well. Have a great night!



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