Wedding Crasher?

imageTonight’s fight between Conor Mcgregor and Nate Diaz is gonna be one for the books so let me say that first. I believe it’s gonna be a war from start to finish. Both men have great standup, both men have great chins, and both men have excellent mind sets. But the name of this post is called “Wedding Crasher” because I believe Conor may be the biggest star in MMA history. He’s confident and let’s face it. The man can flat out bang. He’s got 19 wins and 17 of those come by way of TKO and is currently on a 15 fight win streak. Diaz is no slouch either. The Stockton slugger has excellent boxing with his long range and is one of the best BJJ black belts in MMA. His blackbelt is from Ceasar Gracie (enough said).

So let’s get cracking. It’s no secret Conor has dynamite in that left hand but the fact is its been knocking out featherweights. It’s also no secret that The UFC Brass and Conor have a relationship that’s much like a marriage. If Conor wins tonight I’m sure there’s another big fight waiting for him at UFC 200 in July. But that’s where I think Nate Diaz crashes this wedding. Nates going to pose some real problems for Conor tonight. In Conor’s previous fight he’s been the taller and bigger fighter. Not tonight. I think Nate’s height and reach will keep Conor guessing and the later the fight goes I think it favors Diaz. Diaz may not have the one punch knockout power but he certainly throws enough volume to make your face hurt for a few weeks. Call me crazy but in the end I think Nathan Diaz pulls a Vince Vaughn, walks in to the Octagon and crashes this wedding.


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