Marvin Harrison Has The Beef



Apparently Marvin Harrison has beef, or at least he’s on his way to Arby’s to get some. As I sit here eating my Eggo’s and ponder what would make him say the things he said, I realize it is the insecurities of a man being asked about a superior player, instead of being applauded for his own accomplishments.

Marvin Harrison should be lucky to be in the Hall of Fame himself. I mean, yes, he put up great numbers, but almost all from one Hall of Fame QB. Then there is the off the field issues he has had (You Have No IdeaHe’s Such a Good Guy ThoughWonder Why This Happened? and He’s so nice and quiet though). So for him to say “I don’t Care if Terrell Owens ever Gets Into the Hall of Fame,” is baffling.

hi-res-74589eb6f3990da90dfce400e8d9b2c6_crop_northMarvin should be humbled. He got to play with Peyton Manning basically his entire career, and somehow, his off the field issues didn’t effect his chances of getting into the Hall of Fame. Regardless of what has been said between him and Terrell Owens that we probably don’t even know about, you don’t address it the way he did.

In my opinion, it makes Marvin look real bad to basically say he doesn’t care about anybody else because ‘I got mine.’ And yes Marvin, you did. You got yours. But don’t expect anybody else to think you’re this lovable hero anymore. You have helped spark the paradigm shift in peoples view toward you in a way that even the shooting at your car wash couldn’t do. This is because social media and instant sharing are bigger today than ever. Now every new article about you will include something about one of your off the field issues.

I get it, though. I understand why you would be mad. I mean you were the one who made it into the Hall of Fame, not Terrell Owens. So why are we talking about T.O. to you? Well lets start with this:

Marvin Harrison Career Numbers: 1,102Rec 14,580Yds 13.2Avg 128TDs

Terrell Owens Career Numbers:      1,078Rec 15,934Yds 14.8Avg 153TDs


I’m not even going to go into how much of a higher level T.O. played at towards the end of his career then Marvin Harrison did. But I will mention this; All of Marvin’s stats except for his first 2 years were from Peyton Manning. Terrell Owens can’t even list all the QBs who have thrown him a pass on one hand. Steve Young, Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, Tony Romo, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Carson Palmer to name a few. With all this team switching he was still able to average 1,000+yds and 10+tds a season for every season he played.


There’s a reason the questions all surround why the better WR didn’t get in on his first ballot, because if only one wide receiver was being selected in this class it was supposed to be Terrell Owens. Of course with T.O. being perceived as a trouble maker and team killer, and Marvin Harrison being perceived as this nice friendly team oriented guy, the media wanted to make a statement about T.O.

Marvin be assured one thing though. Terrell Owens will be inducted into the Hall of Fame and when it comes time for his speech make sure you get your popcorn ready…



2 thoughts on “Marvin Harrison Has The Beef

  1. Very surprised by Harrison so speak out like that. I’m guessing not many people in the NFL like Owens crap as did most people who watched him. Great player but terrible person.

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