Even The Mighty Fall

Oh Rhonda how the mighty have fallen. You get knocked out in, essentially, your biggest fight ever and in the months since you have created even a bigger fall from grace then what actually should’ve happened.

Maybe it was how you built yourself up. You went from an insider UFC star to a world wide phenom complete with your own movie about your life story in basically one year. You challenged Floyd Mayweather Jr stating “I can beat anyone on this planet.” That led to the Marianna’s Trench depression you fell into.

Maybe you felt your whole life was build on one thing: being #1. Undefeated and the darling of your sport and the country in one quick second your glass house was shattered. Along with your jaw.image

Heres the thing Rhonda, people lose. In reality everyone loses the race eventually. It’s all about how long you can run. And in an almost unheard of fashion you almost decided to just stop running.

I understand athletes are humans just like the rest of us and now, more than ever, their weaknesses and vulnerabilities are on display and even accepted. I can never stand behind suicide as an option though. Especially just because you lost a fight.

In the same era of media that mocks Cam Newton for dancing too much and celebrates his failures, complaining that he’s not a good role model and doesn’t fit their mold of how a quarterback should be. I will not applaud Rhonda Rousey for her “Courage” to discuss the depths she fell to.

This is because she is supposed to be a role model as well, for millions and especially little girls all around this world. Is this what we want to portray to our youth? I’ve always been taught growing up through coaches and family that when you get knocked down you get back up. You don’t consider killing yourself because you lost. I’m sorry, but if I had a daughter this would not be the woman I want her to look up to.

There is always redemption, though. Mrs. Rousey you have forced everything around you to crumble. You feel like you’re nothing anymore, you’ve made yourself into the joke you felt you were, and you feel like you lost the biggest fight of your career, but you’re wrong. What you need to know is that your biggest fight is the next one, and the next one and the…


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